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Home Product Lines Multi Hooping with the Singer Futura
Multi Hooping with the Singer Futura PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jenny   
Saturday, 06 November 2010 23:11

multi-hooping futura designs
Singer has just added a brand new video to show multi-hooping in 4 quads.

The new Singer Futura now has a positioning feature for perfect placement of your large embroidery.  In the software program under tools, you can set your parameters to align a single large hoop and multi-hooping.  If your design is larger than one hooping, the software will split the design into multi-hoops and aid you in alignment of the multi-hoopings. Make sure you watch the video!

red and green arrowsIf your design is bigger than the single hooping, the first time you send the design, the software will split it into 2 or 4 hooping. The software will ask if you want a multi-hoop. You will then have to pick the hoop size in tools. The size of one multihoop can be about 9 1/2" X 18" finished. (Remember you can add another multi-hoop design to the first multi-hoop for even bigger design. More about that idea later.)

multihoop designIn my design example on the left I choose a built-in special design from the design browser. This design was one large hooping size.  I chose to print the design several times and tape the hoopings together to form a visual template and a measurement guide to cut and mark my fabric. Make sure your print is 100% of scale. This works great for designs that are easy to separate into single hoop sizes.  

Hooping is much easier with the Futura. The clip on hoop has a spring expansion assist.  Set the hoop on the fabric once and then leave the setting in place. Pop the fabric in and out of the preset hoop. The hoop has the centers clearly marked. Tell me about your multi-hoop experience and technique.

multihoop neckline
I have created several designs you can multi-hoop. Try them out for free. When you download my designs and save the design, make sure you save as and not FHE_design.
multi hoop

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